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Earthdawn 1e (FASA)

Click on the cover to read about each product

Earthdawn Earthdawn Gamemaster's Pack Barsaive Campaign Set
Denizens of Earthdawn Volume 1 Denizens of Earthdawn Volume 2 Legends of Earthdawn Vol.1
Parlainth: The Forgotten City Creatures of Barsaive The Adept's Way
Horrors Sky Point & Vivane The Serpent River
Legends of Earthdawn Volume 2: The Book of Exploration Throal: The Dwarf Kingdom Earthdawn Survival Guide
The Blood Wood The Theran Empire Secret Societies of Barsaive
Crystal Raiders of Barsaive The Ork Nation of Cara Fahd Earthdawn Companion
Magic: A Manual of Mystic Secrets Arcane Mysteries of Barsaive Mists of Betrayal
Terror in the Skies Infected Parlainth Adventures
Shattered Pattern Sky Point Adventures Blades
Throal Adventures Prelude to War

Product List last updated: 2 September 2006